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New Product EpiFaith

Current epidural anesthesia is risky and highly dependent on operator experience and condition. Patients run the risk of accidental dural puncture, especially if the procedure is performed during late-night shifts, by inexperienced medical personnel, or both. Picture a mother about to give birth seeking medical attention in the middle of the night!

EpiFaith is just the tool to ensure safer outcomes. It is designed to reduce the burden and potential risks shouldered by junior and veteran physicians with its clear indicating signals. Its simplified and intuitive operating process enables practitioners to avoid malpractice attributed to fatigue or irregular scheduling. Furthermore, EpiFaith allows users to use both hands to control the needle and continuously detect its position, especially important if patient is pregnant or has high BMI.

Affordability is another aspect taken into account when developing the syringe. EpiFaith is not designed to be cost-prohibitive and available only to those who can afford it. Instead, it is built using sophisticated and easy to assemble components. EpiFaith is reasonably priced and compatible with most mainstream accessories, making it a reliable and cost effective tool.

EpiFaith is meant to deliver safer and affordable services to all.


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