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EpiFaith ® Syringe

A sleek syringe that streamlines epidural space localization.

Discover the power of EpiFaith®, With its intuitive Faith Signal visual indicator for LOR, EpiFaith® Syringe ensures a seamless procedure, empowering physicians at all levels with safety and efficiency.


Enhanced Pressure Detection Mechanism

Upon the needle tip's entry into the epidural space, an abrupt reduction in pressure—referred to as the "loss of resistance"—precipitates the swift activation of the color indicator ring. This decisive movement serves as the unmistakable cue to denote the precise juncture for needle advancement. Rely on our advanced technology for unwavering precision and optimal procedural outcomes.


Loss of risistance (LOR) is visually indicated in our EpiFaith® Syringe, both NRFit and Luer Slip.

Eliminate the Risky Epidural Localization with a Clear, Visualized, Real-time & Objective Signal.

Why choose EpiFaith® Syringe?

Clear_Visual_Signal .jpg

Faith Signal

EpiFaith® provides real-time objective and quantitative pressure information. A visual signal is triggered at the exact moment the needle tip enters the epidural space, indicating a clear endpoint for the advancing of the needle.

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Intuitive Control

By pushing/pulling the plunger to start/stop pressure sensing, EpiFaith can easily be controlled and monitored by physicians, allowing them to use two hands to advance the needle.



Equipped with NRFit or Luer connectors, EpiFaith is compatible with both cutting-edge or mainstream products used in epidural procedures, allowing physicians to maintain their current practices when transferring to EpiFaith.



With Luer and the new NRFit connector, you will not be left behind by the updated standards.

The syringe is compatible with 16-18G epidural needles.

EpiFaith® - Syringe in Action: Product Demo and Step-by-Step Guide (1).gif

How to Use - 4 Steps

1. Connect a filled syringe to the needle hub.

2. Push the plunger to increase the pressure.

3. Advance the needle by both hands.

4. Stop advancing when the indicating zone appears.

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