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EpiFaith ® Syringe

Streamlines epidural space localization with intuitive design.

The visual indicator for LOR in EpiFaith® Syringe efficiently ensures a safer procedure in various clinical scenarios.


Why choose EpiFaith® Syringe?

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Objective Signal

Delivers real-time, objective, and quantitative pressure information, accompanied by a visual signal upon entry into the epidural space.


Intuitive Control

Effortless push/pull piston control enables physicians to monitor pressure while advancing the needle with both hands.



EpiFaith's compatibility with NRFit and Luer connectors ensures seamless transition for physicians, while also accommodating 16-18G epidural needles for diverse needs.

Enhanced Pressure Detection 

Upon the needle tip's entry into the epidural space, an abrupt reduction in pressure—referred to as the "loss of resistance"—precipitates the swift activation of the color indicator ring.

This decisive movement serves as the unmistakable cue to denote the precise juncture for needle advancement. Rely on our advanced technology for unwavering precision and optimal procedural outcomes.


Loss of risistance (LOR) is visually indicated in our EpiFaith® Syringe, both NRFit and Luer Slip.

EpiFaith® - Syringe in Action: Step-by-Step Product Demo & Guide (1).gif

Hassel-free experience with reliable design.

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