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EpiFaith is the tool to provide a safer procedure. It is aimed to reduce the risk for both young and experienced physicians by the clear and objective indicating signal. It has a simplified and intuitive operating process which is beneficial to avoid malpractices due to the tired physician or rush procedure. Further, EpiFaith allows the physician to use both hands to control the needle and continuous detecting the needle position.

Concentrate on the needle advancing with both hands.

The use of EpiFaith is intuitive and no change of physicians' behaviors is required. The syringe has an unique two-part plunger design with a fixator on it. The only thing the user has to do is to push the plunger until the colored ring is covered. Then, the user can concentrate on needle controlling and use both hands to advance the needle. The fixator can hold the position of the plunger and keep detecting the pressure.


Clinical scenarios are often complicated, uncertain and variable. Thus, physicians' tend to have habits on each procedure. The physician-at-the-center design means we're not only respect the habits, but leverage the experiences to achieve simpler and safer procedures. EpiFaith is compatible to mainstream epidural needles with a Luer or NRFit connector and the use of EpiFaith can be always well-controlled and optimized by physicians. The users can choose sensing medium, air or saline, and the specific sensing pressure to complete the procedure. Moreover, the pressure sensing can be paused or restarted to avoid false positive by simply pushing or withdrawing the plunger.

Everything on EpiFaith is aimed to provide the best user experience, which is the safest way to perform epidural injection.


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