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EpiFaith ® CV

Achieve Accurate Arterial Punctures with Ease

Discover the difference that precision can make in central venous catheterization. Explore the benefits of our syringe device today and take your medical practice to new heights of excellence.


Most user-friendly syringe for safer central venous catheterization

Our innovative syringe device is designed to elevate your arterial puncture accuracy. With its advanced auto-aspiration and pressure-detecting mechanism, needle control is made easier and the risk of arterial catheterization is effectively prevented.


Why choose EpiFaith® CV?

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Auto-aspiration and
Better Control

Needle localization is now easier and more precise with the auto-aspiration mechanism. The device induces negative pressure, causing blood reflux when the needle enters a vessel, eliminating the need for manual plunger pulling and providing better control and precision.


Arterial Puncture
Detection for Safety

Invasive blood pressure is the most reliable way to distinguish between an artery and a vein. Our product is calibrated to sense blood pressure. The white indicator will only be covered if the needle has entered an artery, warning the user and preventing large-bore arterial puncture.


Hassle-free and
Reliable Procedure.

We have designed our device to make the process smoother by allowing direct insertion of the guidewire through the insertion hole. Additionally, the user can restart needle localization at any time without disconnecting the syringe by simply pushing the trigger area on the side cover to resume negative pressure for auto-aspiration.

EpiFaith® - CV in Action: Product Demo and Step-by-Step Guide


"Easy Confirmation,
Safer Catheter Placement."

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