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Embracing leading-edge technology and expert craftsmanship, our products redefine medical excellence, elevating the bar for safety, precision, and care.

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EpiFaith ® CV

The most user-friendly syringe for safe central venous catheterization.

EpiFaith ® Syringe

An epidual space locating syringe with a more visualized signal.


Unparalleled Resilience

Built to endure the demands of intense medical training and professional use, EpiFaith syringes are your reliable, long-term companions in the healthcare journey.


Get product info?

Ready to experience the future of medical excellence? Request a trial of EpiFaith today by filling out our request form. Get to experience how our products can revolutionize your anesthesia procedures, offering unmatched safety and efficiency.

Frequently asked questions

Are your medical devices certified and compliant with industry regulations? 
Yes, all our syringes for epidural and central venous catheterization are manufactured in accordance with strict quality standards, including ISO 13485 and GMP. They have been certified by regulatory authorities, including CE (Conformité Européene) and FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), and comply with relevant industry guidelines, ensuring safety and efficacy. Our products have been approved by some countries’ local authorities (e.g. Japan, Australia, Taiwan, etc.) Please contact us for more detail. 

Are there any instructional videos or user manuals available for EpiFaith syringes? 

We suggest new users be trained with a simple teaching video. Although the operation of EpiFaith is intuitive, prior training before use would be beneficial. We provide a teaching video to simplify the training process. See all our Training Videos. 

I am a clinician with some ideas to solve clinical problems, how can you help me?

The products you see on our website were all from clinicians. We work with colleagues around the world to identify the problems in their clinical practice and build solutions together with protected patent filings. Then we conduct the studies and bring the products to the market together. The company is founded by clinicians and engineers, we trust that only with true partnership, the ideas can be implemented into real-world practices, and the profits should be shared with all the stakeholders along the process.  
We majorly focus on product ideas in anesthesia, pain management, intensive care, emergency medicine, and vascular access. Feel free to leave us a message to start the conversation!

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