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EpiFaith is an indicating syringe made to provide safer and more convenient needle localization during epidural anesthesia.

Clear visual signal for safer needle localization

Thanks to its detecting mechanism, EpiFaith transforms the pressure information into an objective and quantitative visual indication rather than subjective and unclear hand feedback. When connected to an epidural needle, a colored ring signifier and moving piston rubber are simultaneously triggered the moment the needle tip enters the epidural space, indicating a clear endpoint for needle advancement.

Focus on needle advancement with both hands.

EpiFaith is intuitive and can accommodate operators' use habits. The syringe has a unique two-part plunger designed with a fixator. All the user needs to do is push the plunger until the colored ring is hidden. The user can then concentrate on controlling the needle with both hands. The fixator holds the plunger while detecting pressure.


Clinical settings are complicated and rife with many variables. Thus, physicians' tend to develop different habits for different procedures. Our physician-oriented design not only accommodates users, but allows them to incorporate their experiences to achieve simpler and safer outcomes. EpiFaith is compatible with mainstream epidural needles with a Luer or NRFit connector and easy to control and optimize by physicians. Users can choose procedure-specific sensing medium like air or saline as well as specific sensing pressure. Moreover, pressure sensing can be paused or restarted to avoid false positive simply by pushing or withdrawing the plunger.

EpiFaith is geared to provide optimal user experience, making it a safer tool to perform epidural injection.


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