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We join the Stay Connected®, the International Organization for Safer Neuraxial Anesthesia

TAIPEI, Feb. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ --

Flat Medical Co., Ltd., a MedTech company specializing in safety solutions for anesthesia and critical care procedures, has announced that it has just joined the Stay Connected®, a joint communication initiative on behalf of the industry to advocate and educate for the adoption of the NRFit® connector, a new and safer connector for neuraxial anesthesia products.

Medical tubing error is a crucial issue for clinical procedures, and misconnected devices can lead to serious adverse events that can substantially affect patient safety and reduce medical procedure quality. As a joint voice for manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors, GEDSA, the Global Enteral Device Supplier Association, has been devoted to advocating for the adoption of new ISO-standardized connectors, currently focusing on the ENFit® transition for tube feeding devices and the NRFit® transition for neuraxial anesthesia devices.

As a leading innovator in access to safe epidural and central line placements, Flat Medical has been working on the same goal of safer and easier epidural anesthesia for a few years. The company is now commercializing its flagship product, EpiFaith®, to help anesthesiologists and pain physicians perform epidural placements in a hassle-free and safe way. The EpiFaith is also equipped with the NRFit® connector under the ISO 80369-6 regulation, to help avoid potential tubing errors and related incidents.

"It is a great pleasure to be admitted to the Stay Connected® Group," stated Shao-Wei Tseng, the Chief Regulatory Officer of Flat Medical. "We have been working with the same values for a few years, and it is great to join the team and elevate the standard of neuraxial safety and quality, together with GEDSA and other member companies."

Currently, the NRFit® transition has been supported by several government authorities such as the United Kingdom, Japan, and California. The efforts to advocate and educate for the NRFit transition are continuously ongoing all over the world. To learn more about the new standard and transition guidelines, please visit for more information.

About Flat Medical Co., Ltd.

Flat Medical is a MedTech company focusing on safety solutions for clinical procedures. Supported by key opinion leaders and venture capitalists in the United States, Europe, and Asia, the company is commercializing and developing various applications for its innovative EpiFaith® tech.


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