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Flat Medical receives Innovative Technology Contract from Vizient for EpiFaith® Syringe

Contract awarded for products that bring improvement to healthcare industry

TAIPEI, Jan. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- FlatTech LLC announced its EpiFaith® Syringe for epidural has received an Innovative Technology contract from Vizient, Inc. the nation's largest member-driven health care performance improvement company. The contract was awarded based on the recommendation of EpiFaith® by hospital experts who serve on one of Vizient's member-led councils, and it signifies to Vizient members unique qualities that potentially bring improvement to the healthcare industry.

Innovative Technology contracts are recommended after review and interaction with products submitted through Vizient's Innovative Technology Program. Vizient member-led councils identify technologies that have the potential to enhance clinical care, patient safety, health care worker safety, or improve business operations of health care organizations.

EpiFaith® is a visualized loss-of-resistance syringe that helps clinicians accurately and easily make epidural placements by providing a visual cue when the epidural space is reached. This takes the guesswork away and helps reduce the risk of accidental dural puncture and related complications. Implementation of EpiFaith® allows providers to have one hand free from holding the syringe, making the process of needle advancement more stable with both hands. As for challenging cases, EpiFaith® makes the real-time ultrasound-guided epidural placement practicable, helping reduce the difficulty and risk for high BMI patients and elder patients.

"Our mission is to eliminate the uncertainty and risk concerns of needle accesses, making epidural and central line placements safe and worry-free in an affordable way. We're thrilled and grateful that the Vizient council members recognize the value of EpiFaith® and support medtech innovations that improve safety and quality standards," said Dr. Joseph Luo, the CEO and Chairman of FlatTech LLC.

"A product receives this type of contract when it demonstrates a unique quality that differentiates it from other products on the market," said Kelly Flaharty, senior director of contract services for Vizient. "Our member council determined that FlatTech's EpiFaith® Syringe for epidural met this standard and recognizes its potential to improve quality outcomes."

Vizient represents a diverse membership base that includes academic medical centers, pediatric facilities, community hospitals, integrated health delivery networks and non-acute health care providers and represents more than $130 billion in annual purchasing volume. Through its Innovative Technology Program, Vizient works with member-led councils and task forces to evaluate products for their potential to bring real innovation to health care. Vizient may award a contract to products deemed worthy of the Innovative Technology designation outside of the competitive bid cycle.

About FlatTech LLC

FlatTech LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Flat Medical, a Medtech company focusing on safety solutions for clinical procedures. Supported by key opinion leaders and venture capitalists in the United States, Europe, and Asia, the company is commercializing and developing different applications for its innovative EpiFaith® technology for safer epidural and central line access.


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