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EpiFaith: Redefining Medical Devices for Safer Anesthesia

Experience the future of medical excellence with our innovative approaches. Elevate physicians' performance, streamline training, and achieve measurable outcomes in every surgical endeavor.

How EpiFaith set a new standard for anesthesia safety and medical future

Elevated Safety & Patient Experience

We prioritize patient safety in various cases with our reliable and intuitive solutions, insist the profession can be delivered and exchanged to better care of medical fields.

Empower Performance 

with Efficiency

Empowering physicians to get more accuracy with the ease of use we emphasize and guide their anethesia procedures to reach peak performance.

Minimize Risks and Maximize Positive Results

Provide physicians with real-time support and our precise control to ensure the process and outcome will be aligned during procedures.

EpiFatih ® Syringe

An epidual space locating syringe with a more visualized signal.


EpiFatih ® CV

The most user-friendly syringe for safe central venous catheterization.


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